Flexible. Dynamic. Enthusiastic.

SALCO - 100% expertise

Under directly-active owner management supported by a skilled, multi-lingual team, SALCO’s services remain fast, direct and practical, even in an environment of internationally-oriented business policies.

SALCO has been a pioneer and a constant in the alcohol trade for decades, supplying more than 150 million litres of pure alcohol annually to international business partners. SALCO exclusively supplies production facilities (B2B) which process alcoholic primary ingredients (of spirits, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products etc) and has a both a sales and logistics focus on bulk goods.

The whole production and supply chain is led and controlled by an international network of long-term partners and our subsidiaries or sister companies. Storage and handling facilities spread across Europe ensure safe, punctual distribution.

SALCO’s skill, quality and efficiency stand out

"Europe’s comprehensive provider of alcoholic raw materials for the spirits industry. The reliable partner of alcohol processors."