Malt. Grain. More.

From Scotland and the rest of the world

Our portfolio includes Scotch (malt, grain, blended), bourbon and European whiskies as well as whiskies from across the world.

Scotch is our premium product: Well-known, experienced distilleries produce high-quality Scotch whisky distillate for SALCO and we then store several million litres of it in the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands.

“From the entry-level price segment to single malt, SALCO does not just produce flawless Scotch whiskies, but also unusual blends and cheaper Scotch alternatives.”

Largest inventory of German whisky

We were one of the first producers of whisky in Germany and have by far the largest stock, thereby satisfying the growing community of German whisky lovers. We maintain the maturation and storage in our depots that is typical of fine whiskies, under the constant, professional eye of the distiller and warehouse manager.

Whisky - product overview
Product   Alcohol strength (ca. in %vol. / proof)
Scotch Whisky 3yo Grain 70 (140 proof)
  3yo Malt 70 (140 proof)
  3yo Blended 70 (140 proof)
  >3yo Grain, Malt, Blended 70 (140 proof)
German Whisky 3yo Grain 70 (140 proof)
Whisky (European) 3yo Grain 70-80 (140-160 proof)
  3yo Malt 70-80 (140-160 proof)
  3yo Blended 70-80 (140-160 proof)
  >3yo Blended 70-80 (140-160 proof)
  3yo Pure Rye 70-80 (140-160 proof)
  3yo Pure Wheat 70-80 (140-160 proof)
Bourbon / American Kentucky Straight 60 (120 proof)
  Straight Bourbon 60 (120 proof)
  Tennessee Bourbon 60 (120 proof)
  Bourbon 60 (120 proof)
  3yo Canadian 60 (120 proof)