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From A to Z

SALCO sees itself as a full-service provider with a particular focus on ‘detailed solutions’ and if required, solutions which are considerably different from the norm and what is standard.


  • If we haven’t got it already, we’ll source it! The more unusual, special requests… every order is an assignment.
  • Our team of experienced specialists from several European countries will help you with questions regarding customs and taxes.


  • SALCO can count on one of the largest spirits storage capacities in Europe. Alcoholic products of all qualities and quantities are stored in wooden barrels, wooden vats and tanks.
  • SALCO storage facilities are in logistically important EU countries.
  • Professional management and monitoring of the stock is carried out by oenologists and distillation specialists.


  • SALCO produces precise blends, from standard recipes through to the more unusual; a customer’s request is a challenge, in every respect!
  • If required, we can also supply complex products ready to fill (e.g. reduced to drinking strength, filtered and with colour adjustment).

"New Make" and "New Fillings"

  • SALCO realises ‘New Fillings / New Make’ agreements for cognac, brandy and whisky.