Whisky from Scotland and the rest of the world

Whether Scotch, Bourbon, Canadian or other European and international varieties – SALCO is your expert partner for large quantities of whisky. We offer you an impressive selection of whiskies from all over the world, relying on carefully selected whiskies distilled by famous distilleries. Some of these whiskies are distilled exclusively for Salco to guarantee our customers the highest possible quality whisky with a unique flavour – a promise that we have kept for years.

SALCO has produced whisky in Germany for many years, which is why we have by far the country’s biggest stocks. We are passionate about working to bring you a unique, high-quality assortment to cover the growing demand for national and international whisky.

What can we do for you?

As a spirits supplier our strength is the fastest possible supply of various types of alcohol and unusual spirits.

Bulk Scotch whisky: the traditional classic

Scotch whisky (malt, grain, blended) is the classic whisky. Experienced, renowned distilleries produce high-quality Scotch whisky for SALCO in larger quantities. We store millions of litres of this whisky in the Speyside, the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands.

Our range offers you first-class Scotch whisky, from traditional single malt classics to reasonably priced grain whisky and unusual blended whiskies. SALCO is your supplier for Scotch whisky in bulk.

Frequently asked questions about whisky

  • What is whisky?

    Whisky is a spirit obtained by distilling a grain mash, which must contain a proportion of malted grain. The whisky distilling process can take place in pot stills or columns. The resulting distillate (new make) is subjected to a maturation process in wooden barrels containing a maximum of 700 litres for at least three years. Neither neutral alcohol nor flavors may be added to whisky. The only additive permitted is sugar syrup (food-grade caramel) to adjust the colour.

    N.B.: Some different legal regulations apply to whisky outside Europe.

  • Where does whisky come from?

    Whisky is produced worldwide and is increasingly popular. Whisky is a traditional part of the cultural heritage in Scotland, Ireland and some US Federal states (Kentucky, Tennessee).

    A distillate of alcohol is mentioned for the first time in the Scottish Exchequer Rolls of 1494. Nowadays whisky is produced in more than 100 distilleries spread across five Scottish regions (Highlands, Speyside, Lowlands, Islay and Campbeltown). Whilst grain whisky is distilled in large columns using the continuous method, the production method specifies pot stills to give malt Scotch whisky its character. This process subjects a malted barley mash to a double distillation.

    Bourbon whisky (or whiskey) is produced exclusively in the USA. The mash must contain at least 51% corn and it is mandatory for the maturation process to take place in new, previously unused barrels.

SALCO: producer and supplier of whiskies from all over the world

As a famous producer and supplier we offer a diverse assortment of whiskies from all over the world:

  • Scotch whisky
    (grain, malt, blended)
  • Irish whiskey
    (grain, malt, blended)
  • European whisky
  • Rye whisky
  • Wheat whisky
  • Corn whisky
  • Single malt whisky
  • American whisky
  • Bourbon whisky
  • Canadian whisky

If you have a request for a special blend, we’re happy to help you. Our experts are available at any time to discuss your individual requirements and achieve unique whisky creations.