Alcohol and ethanol shipping

Our shipments are punctual, flexible and reliable

SALCO is your full-service provider of alcohol and distillates for the spirits sector and many other branches of industry. A significant component in our service portfolio is the way we organise product shipments to our customers. Our experienced team ensures that every delivery reaches its destination punctually, reliably and undamaged.

“Efficient and ‘fluid’ logistics from small 200 litre containers to large order quantities by tanker!”

What can we do for you?

Our strength is the fastest possible supply of various types of alcohol and unusual spirits.

Logistics facts

  • Delivery of large quantities of approximately 20-25 road tankers per working day, from basic ethyl alcohol, via wine distillates, to exclusive XO cognac.
  • More than 500 current customers, from small family businesses to global players.
  • Logistics in container sizes of 200 litres to large volumes by road or rail tanker.
  • Production, distribution and warehousing sites spread across the whole of Europe. This means short delivery routes to the customer.
  • Distribution warehouses in several EU countries (Germany, France, Italy, Austria).
  • Storage in wooden barrels in several EU countries (Germany, France, Italy, Scotland).
Reusable IBC at our distribution location in Austria

SALCO: We supply you with high-quality alcohol

Choose SALCO as your supplier for distillates and ethanol and benefit from our comprehensive know-how, reliability and dedication to premium quality. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to receive a customized quote.

We offer you an extensive assortment of high-quality, alcoholic raw materials that elevate your products to a new level. When it comes to distillates, potable alcohol and industrial alcohol, we are your competent point of contact, happy to act as your spirits and ethanol supplier.