Pan-European alcohol warehouses

SALCO is your reliable partner

As an alcohol trading pioneer, SALCO supplies its international business partners with more than 150 million litres of pure alcohol per year. We are proud to have a base of over 500 satisfied, regular customers and we have established ourselves as a fixture in the industry. Our decades of experience mean we realise the importance of faultless logistics.

We have therefore constructed alcohol warehouses across Europe to ensure the best possible distribution and storage of spirits and alcoholic products and guarantee short delivery times.

What can we do for you?

Our strength is the storage and supply of various types of alcohol and unusual spirits.

SALCO sites

Salco has production plants in France, Germany and Spain, and distribution hubs in Germany, France, Italy and Austria. Our brown spirits (cognac, brandy, whisky) mature in wooden barrels and barriques at several Salco-owned warehouses in Germany, France and Scotland.

Salco – high proof alcohol

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