Industrial alcohol

Strong partner for the cosmetics, solvents and pharmaceutical industries

We operate as Cristalco’s exclusive representative for industrial alcohol and through our joint venture company Cristalco Suisse. Our product portfolio comprises various qualities of ethanol with an alcohol content of 80-99.9% in order to meet the requirements of every customer.
We have the right product for you, whether it needs to comply with GMP, the European Pharmacopoeia, the European Biocidal Products Regulation or Cosmetics Regulation.

SALCO is your expert if you want to purchase denatured alcohol in bulk. The use of common denaturing agents is standard, so we are also available for special denaturation and to find compliant and customized solutions for you. If you have questions about this we are happy to advise you by telephone or e-mail.

What can we do for you?

Our strength is the fastest possible supply of various types of alcohol and unusual spirits.

Bulk denatured ethanol: SALCO offers the best quality and reliable logistics

As the strategic industrial alcohol and ethanol supplier to Europe’s leading businesses, we have always been committed to the highest quality – of the product and our sales channels, regardless of a company’s size and scope of supply. It goes without saying that our production plants are certified to the latest standards. Our trans-European network of production partners ensures short routes to the customer and optimum delivery times.

Our denatured alcohol is sustainable, with minimal CO₂ emissions.

Our denatured ethanol is sustainable and produced with the lowest possible CO₂ emissions. The industrial alcohol is either produced from agricultural (renewable) raw materials or recycled as part of the circular economy. Our environmentally friendly manufacturing processes actively contribute to minimising our ecological footprint as an ethanol supplier and producer.

All the advantages of our industrial ethanol at a glance

  • Excellent quality
  • Manufactured to meet your requirements
    (GMP, European Pharmacopoeia, Biocide Regulation, Cosmetics Regulation, etc.)
  • Even special denaturations are achievable
  • Extensive experience and expertise
    (delivery of 150+ million litres of pure alcohol per year)
  • Minimised CO₂ manufacturing process
  • Certifications to the latest standards
  • EU-wide exemption from excise tax for denatured alcohol

Frequently asked questions

  • What is industrial alcohol?

    Industrial alcohol is obtained either by distilling a mash from agricultural raw products (agricultural alcohol), or by the chemical synthesis of water and ethane with the addition of sulphuric acid (synthetic alcohol). It can also be obtained by recycling contaminated ethanol (recycled ethanol). Industrial alcohol is reprocessed into solvents, preservatives and disinfectants and the product is used in the medical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

    If alcohol is denatured according to European Union regulations it can be exempt from excise tax.

  • What is the difference between denatured and non-denatured alcohol?

    Denatured alcohol and non-denatured alcohol differ primarily in their composition and intended use.

    Non-denatured alcohol, often referred to as pure or undenatured alcohol, is ethanol that has not been altered to make it unfit for consumption. It is typically produced through processes like fermentation or distillation and has a high level of purity, often ranging from 96% to 99.9% alcohol by volume (ABV). Non-denatured alcohol is commonly used in laboratory settings, medical applications, and certain industrial processes.

    Denatured alcohol is ethanol that has undergone a process of denaturation, during which substances are added to make it unsuitable for human consumption. Common denaturing agents include chemicals such as methylethylketon (MEK), isopropanol, or other additives that impart a strong odour or taste. Industrial denatured alcohol (IDA) is widely used in industrial applications, including the manufacturing of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, solvents, and disinfectants.

  • In which sectors is 96% denatured ethanol used?

    Denatured ethanol with 96% alcohol by volume is primarily used in the domestic and cosmetics sectors, such as to manufacture disinfectants, glass cleaners and screen wash, laundry detergents or perfumes.

  • In which sectors is denatured ethanol with 99% alcohol by volume used?

    Denatured ethanol, with 99% alcohol, is also termed high purity ethanol. Industrial alcohol of this type is used in particular in laboratory applications, e.g. for extraction, cleaning and preservation. 99% ABV ethanol is also suitable for products in the following sectors:

    • Cosmetics
    • Personal care
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Fuel
    • Food processing
  • What are the available container sizes for the supply of industrial alcohol?

    SALCO offers flexibility in container sizes to cater to varying customer needs. Our industrial alcohol products can be supplied in the following container sizes:

    • Drums (220 litres): Ideal for smaller-scale requirements or applications where portability is essential.
    • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC - 1,000 litres): Well-suited for medium-sized orders, providing a balance between volume and ease of handling.
    • Road Tankers (30,000 litres): Designed for larger-scale demands, road tankers ensure efficient and bulk transportation of industrial alcohol.
    • ISO Containers (26,000 litres): For customers with substantial volume requirements, ISO containers offer a standardized and secure means of transport, especially for overseas-shipments with container ships.

    The minimum order quantity for our industrial alcohol products is 1,000 litres, allowing businesses of various sizes to benefit from our high-quality and customizable solutions. Whether you have small-scale or large-scale needs, SALCO is committed to providing the right quantity of industrial alcohol to meet your specific requirements. For detailed information on pricing, delivery, and customization options, please contact our experienced team.

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