Quality bulk alcohol since 1976

As a pioneer in the alcohol trade, for decades SALCO has supplied various industries worldwide with alcohol, distillates and spirits in bulk.

From its beginnings as a dealer, SALCO is now a unique full-service provider with its own production and warehousing sites, as well as unsurpassed stocks of goods. Yearly, SALCO delivers more than 150 million litres of pure alcohol to business partners all over the world.

About us

SALCO is an agile enterprise, managed by experienced owners, with its head office in the Zurich area. The products are manufactured in its own plants or procured from long-term production partners. SALCO has one of Europe’s biggest cask storage capacities. Short delivery times are ensured by a proprietary network of warehouses and distribution centres in the core European markets (Germany, France, Italy and Austria).

The international, multilingual team of experienced specialists helps with Customs and excise tax-related issues and ensures efficient, punctual handling of shipments.

SALCO: comprehensive, reliable, speedy and unique!

Our activities

In-bulk sales of alcohol and distillates

Whisky, cognac, rum, neutral alcohol and much more. Annually SALCO delivers more than 150 million litres of alcohol as bulk goods to international customers: from craft distilleries, via private label bottling businesses, to international spirits groups.

Operation of our own production plants and warehouses

SALCO is more than a dealer. Distillates are produced, brown spirits (whisky, cognac and brandy) stored in wooden casks, customer-specific recipes blended and orders prepared for dispatch from our 10 own sites spread across Europe.

Strategic partnerships

Our own production plants, warehouses and unsurpassed stocks are guarantees of our ability to provide high-quality deliveries and enable the production of customer-specific and exclusive recipes. SALCO is the ideal partner for long-term, strategic partnerships and for the creation of new products.

Buying-in of alcoholic precursors

In addition to proprietary production, SALCO buys in alcohol and distillates from more than 100 distilleries worldwide. We value long-term, stable partnerships but at the same time are always interested in including new qualities and sources in our portfolio.

Quality management

Production and storage are continuously monitored by on-site specialists and audited by SALCO. All products are examined for compliance with the specified parameters. We have special analyses conducted in independent and certified laboratories. SALCO’s quality management department coordinates all of this and is the central point of contact for customers on any quality issues.