Potable neutral alcohol: SALCO is your strategic partner

SALCO is your reliable supplier for extra neutral alcohol. We operate in Germany and Austria as the exclusive representative of Cristalco, Europe’s biggest producer of rectified alcohol. Through our joint venture company Cristalco Suisse we deliver neutral alcohol from further distilleries in Europe and around the world.

As the strategic alcohol supplier for Europe’s leading spirits producers, we have always been committed to the highest possible quality, regardless of the size of the customer’s company and the scope of supply.

What can we do for you?

Our strength is the fastest possible supply of various types of alcohol and unusual spirits.

Neutral alcohol from certified production plants

SALCO and Cristalco Suisse offer neutral alcohol from agricultural products such as sugar beet, sugar cane, grain, potatoes, fruit and wine. The alcohol meets the highest quality standards and the production plants are certified to the latest standards.

By the way, we are also very happy to supply certified organic and kosher neutral alcohol. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about this.

Our range of extra neutral alcohol at a glance:

  • Neutral alcohol from grain
    (corn, wheat, rye)
  • Neutral alcohol from sugar beets
  • Neutral alcohol from sugar cane
  • Neutral alcohol from potatoes
  • Neutral alcohol from fruit
  • Neutral alcohol from wine
  • Organic neutral alcohol
  • Neutral alcohol refined in a pot still

SALCO: your neutral alcohol supplier

Do you need high-quality extra neutral alcohol (potable alcohol, ethyl alcohol) or other alcoholic products? SALCO is a strong partner. We are your reliable, experienced spirits and ethanol supplier.

Benefit from our expertise in the sale of potable alcohol to the highest quality and service standards. Contact us if you have any questions or are interested in cooperation. We’d be happy to take time to provide you with customized, detailed advice and are there for you. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Frequently asked questions about neutral alcohol

  • What exactly is neutral alcohol?

    Neutral alcohol (also known as potable alcohol or ethyl alcohol) is a neutral-tasting alcohol used in a plethora of sectors. Potable alcohol is obtained by distilling a mash from agricultural raw materials.

    The ethyl alcohol we sell consists of pure ethanol and does not contain any additives. It has an alcohol content of 96% alcohol by volume, has an unlimited shelf life and is always in stock.

  • What are the uses for neutral alcohol?

    As the name suggests, potable alcohol is the base product for producing vodka, gin, liqueurs, schnapps and other alcohols. Many types of vinegar are based on neutral alcohol.